About Us

Our mission is to be a bold leader in the foodservice and retail fresh whole and pre-cut fruits, vegetables and spices through innovation & continuous improvement throughout western Canada.


As a historically family run business, we have a clear appreciation of our important role in the community. As employers, we are committed to providing a safe, rewarding, healthy workplace for our team members.

As a key part of our local food supply chain, we work tirelessly to ensure we source the freshest produce at the best prices for our customers and the communities they serve. We support local farms year-round and our local freight affiliates ship the freshest produce we can find from our American farming partners.

On the environment, we are constantly implementing new practices to reduce our impact on the planet. Our new warehouse facility uses high-efficiency heat pump technology to reduce our energy consumption. We retained much of the greenery on the grounds surrounding the facility as a rain garden to minimize the run-off from parking lots. We are a short walk from major bus routes and have secure bike parking for staff because we all have to do our part to ensure we can serve our community for generations to come.

We always strive to deliver the freshest product, so we meticulously manage our inventories to prevent over buying. This has the added benefit of reducing waste, but when we do have produce that does not meet our stringent quality standards, we donate as much as we can to local charities and food banks. When they cannot take the available product, we donate unused produce – along with all of the organic waste from our on-site production facility – to local farmers as feed for their livestock. These relationships allow us to reduce food waste in general and divert practically all our organic material away from landfills.

We take great pride in processing fresh fruits and vegetables in-house and shipping kitchen or consumer ready products to restaurants and retailers around the region. These products are extremely convenient but are generally packaged in single-use containers. To reduce waste, we package in bulk quantities in recyclable plastic vacuum bags and our consumer packaging uses 100% recyclable rigid plastic containers.

We will never be done making our business operations better for the environment, our community, and our customers and partners.